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Hidden Places

Discover Vienna from below - Top 4 activities in the underground of Vienna

Unterwelt Führung Wien

The underground of Vienna currently on everyone's lips and that’s for good reason - because beneath our feet there is a fascinating parallel world that complements the cityscape in a positive way. So if you want to experience Vienna holistically and from a different perspective, we present to you our Top 4 activities in the underground of Vienna that you should definitely discover:

Indulging in culinary delights beneath Vienna's surface

Deep beneath the streets of Vienna lies an enchanting world of culinary experiences that will pamper your senses. Instead of the well-known tourist places like the 12 Apostelkeller or the Esterházykeller, we would like to present you three insider tips:

The Brezl Gwölb not only offers a rustic ambience, but also an inviting atmosphere that takes you back to times gone by. The traditional Austrian dishes, lovingly prepared and served in this charming vault, take not only the palate but also the senses on a culinary journey through Austrian tradition. Here, historical flair and delicious dishes merge to create an unforgettable experience for all the senses.

Equally tempting is the Melker Stiftskeller, which is located in the vaults of a historic monastery and offers regional specialties and an authentic atmosphere. The size of the cellar is impressive and amazes young and old alike.

Melkerstiftskeller Wien

In addition to these highlights, there is also a hidden Roman cellar directly in the 1st district, where you can taste a selection of delicious wines and local finger food from Austria. Let yourself be surprised by the hidden treasures and experience Vienna in a completely different way.

Weinkeller Wien

Catacombs and secret underground cellars

Vienna is famous for its catacombs in St. Stephen's Cathedral. But there are many other mystical places hidden off the beaten path that hold a rich history and countless secrets. In the hidden underground cellars you can immerse yourself in bygone times and imagine what stories they might hold - be it as hiding places in the Second World War, workplaces, horse stables, refuge for outcasts or hidden ice cellars.

On our Viennese underground tours, we give you a comprehensive insight into the fascinating underworld of Vienna and illuminate its diverse uses in detail. Immerse yourself with us in this hidden world and discover its fascinating aspects up close.

Unterwelt Führung Wien

Wellness in the Vienna underground

Wellness and the underworld – does that go together? We think YES. In Vienna's 1st district there is a unique opportunity to relax in an atmospheric vaulted cellar. Hidden beneath the historic streets is the Aisawan Boutique Spa, which is housed in the old cellars on Grünangergasse. Here you can experience an oasis of relaxation in the middle of the city and let yourself be pampered by professional therapists - a harmonious combination of history and modern well-being.

Unterwelt Wien

A scary bunker off the beaten track

For everyone who likes things spooky – a bunker in Vienna is the right place to go. The bunkers are also part of Vienna's underground and provide a glimpse into bygone eras and the city's multifaceted history. Join us as we explore a mysterious bunker hidden deep beneath the streets of Vienna. This abandoned complex is a witness to days gone by and offers an exciting journey through the hidden secrets of the city.

Bunker Wien

Conclusion - Vienna Underground

The underground of Vienna is like a colorful treasure chest full of cool experiences! Here you can enjoy delicious food in charming vaults, explore mysterious catacombs & cellars and explore spooky bunkers. It's a whole new view of Vienna - a real adventure that takes you into the history and magic of the city.

So go ahead, discover these hidden treasures and be surprised by the diversity of Vienna's underground! You won't believe what's hidden beneath your feet.